Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Indian Man in Germany Has Tongue Slashed By Muslims For Refusing To Convert

A young Indian student alleges that while he was walking home in Bonn, Germany on Christmas eve he was confronted by what appeared to be two Salafist Muslims. When he refused to convert they slashed his tongue, because there is no compulsion in Islam, or at least that's what they'd like us to believe.

Police in Bonn are investigating a possible attack on a 24-year-old Indian man who claims to have been the victim of an assault by two Islamists on Christmas Eve. The man, a university student had to be treated at a local hospital for a lacerated tongue following the attack.

According to the victim, he was approached by two men who asked him what his religion was before demanding that he convert to Islam. Otherwise, the men said, he was an infidel and his tongue would have to be cut out. Then, as the man tried to walk away, the two assailants attacked him from behind, the victim told police. A passerby happened across the bleeding victim and called an ambulance. He was treated at the hospital and then released.

Police investigators believe the man's story to be credible and also believe that the incident could indeed have been the work of Islamists. He described the perpetrators as having long beards but no moustaches, a style often preferred by Salafists. There were, however, no witnesses to the attack and police are currently searching for suspects.

It seems the Salafists are growing in numbers in Germany.

Here's a link to a video news report on the incident, in German with French subtitles.

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