Friday, November 02, 2012

AL Utility Crew Told To Join Union In Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

Hurricane Sandy has caused mega damage in the north east. As is customary, utility companies from other regions will send their people to aid  areas that have been hard hit by natural disasters. I've seen those caravans of utility trucks from different states heading off to help others.  It's a good thing. So after the wrath of Sandy left New Jersey and New York a mess, six men from Decatur Utilities in Alabama headed on up to Seaside Heights, New Jersey to volunteer to help.  When they arrived, they were met with union goons who told them to either sign up or get out.  Yes, six men willing to help were turned away because they were non-union and had no intention of joining. And why should they?  I'm a union gal, a proud member of all my acting unions, but what they did was shameful. Turning away help is unconscionable.

The general manager of Decatur Utilities, Ray Hardin told Fox Business they were presented documents from the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers at a staging area in Virginia. The documents stated they had to affiliate with a union to work, which the crews could not agree to.
Hardin said the crews were told this was a requirement to work.
As they waited for confirmation on the documents, crews received word that Seaside Heights had received the assistance they needed from other sources.
They attempted to look for work in other areas but because a resolution could not be reached, they made the decision late Thursday night to return home.
Moore said they're frustrated being told "thanks, but no thanks."
Huntsville Utilities said they were not turned away and are up in storm ravaged areas working.
Joe Wheeler EMC said they did not respond to New Jersey, but did go up to Maryland and headed home once they were done.

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