Monday, November 05, 2012

Last Minute Tid Bits- Why Not To Vote For Obama

Here are some last minute articles and videos to further convince those on the fence why Barack Obama is not a good choice.

The Moral Liberal posts an article by Don Fredrick (who wrote the book The Obama Timeline: From his Birth in 1961 Through his First 100 Days in Office) detailing all the somewhat bizarre coincidences in Obama's life. It's long but fascinating.

Barack Obama admits in a speech at Loyola University on October 19, 1998 that he believes in redistribution of wealth. This, of course, won't matter to those who have no problem with Socialism.

Obama's Harvard Law Professor, Brazilian Roberto Unger, believes he must be defeated in 2012. He gives his reasons here.

With the economy in a shambles, over 650 top-tier (including Nobel Laureate) economists have endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

And Benghazi- An epic failure on his part, including his blatant lies about  how it actually went down.

This man does not deserve another four years!

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