Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Ron Paul Vote, Johnson Vote, Or No Vote Equals a Vote For Obama

In Bill Whittle's latest video he appeals to those who are determined to vote Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or 3rd Party because they detest Mitt Romney as much as they do Barack Obama.

I'm not going to be so diplomatic. I blame all of you who voted for Barr or didn't vote at all, for the past four years of hell. Last time around I explained quite simply that it was all about the math, I wasn't thrilled with John McCain (I was a Giuliani gal) but I knew he would be a damn sight better than Obama. The same goes for Mitt Romney. I was even less thrilled with our picks this year, but Romney will be a far better choice than Obama. In July 2008, I wrote a post detailing why a no vote equalled a vote for Obama, and ended with:

And, for those of you who think that voting for Bob Barr, or not voting at all is the best course of action, remember those votes, or lack thereof, are votes for Obama. And if he happens to win, and this great country is led to ruin, you will have only yourselves to blame, along with all those other lemmings duped by his messianic message of change. No complaints allowed, but at least I won't have that burden on my conscience, and I will complain loud and hard.

I understand principle, and I know that Romney is not conservative enough for you, but he's more conservative than Obama, and a lot more capable of getting this country back on track. Four more years of Obama will effectively put the final nail in the coffin of this great country of ours, and YOU will have helped hammer it in.

I'm voting Romney/Ryan tomorrow and my conscience will be clear.


rayzoar said...

We must unite to replace Obama's govt-growing agenda with Romney's govt-growing agenda.

Incognito said...

At least it's less than Obama's.