Thursday, November 08, 2012

"No More Israel"- Obama Supporters Celebrate Win

More ignorant, anti-Israel Barack Obama supporters filmed by Rebel Pundit after Obama's Tuesday night win hailing the end of Israel. One dude, asked what an Obama win means to him responds, "It really  mean to me, no more Israel." Good luck trying to figure out what else he's talking about, though The Blaze gives it a stab:

“Iran. Man, to tell you the truth, if mother f**ker Obama, if uh, they thought Mitt Romney was going to war with mother f**king Iran. And they felt, the mother f**ker, what’s his name? Notnuhnoo [sic],” he continued.
Oh, Netanyahu?” Sorock clarifies.
“He felt the mother f**ker was going to war with f**king Iran, he felt Obama wasn’t going to go with that sh*t though. Obama fell back like man, f**k that sh*t, kill those mother f**kers,” he concluded.

Several discuss how unfairly Palestine is being treated, since Palestine was there first and Israel moved in during the 1940s, and "it was an unfair attack." Uh, really? Think these kiddies need a history lesson.

One young fool claims the "great thing about Obama is he's a peacemaker..[snip] .he's gonna be that angel of peace between them", referring to Iran and Israel.  First of all, neither the Iranians nor the Palestinians want peace with Israel, they want no Israel. As for Obama being a peacemaker, that's a pretty dubious statement, considering his policies.

It will be interesting what road Obama takes us down, and if these fools will ever wake up, though it's too late now.

The one good thing about the Obama win, is that is the end of the road for him, since he can't run again.

Source: The Blaze

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