Friday, November 09, 2012

Commander In Chef BoyAreWeScrewed- Joke of the day

For all you liberals out there, there is nothing racist about this, so move along.  Yes, there are actually people on Facebook who believe this is racist. Then again, they believe that anyone who did not vote for Barack Obama is a bigot.

They're also condemning Republicans for mourning the loss, and not "moving on", "getting a life" and "dealing with it." Well, folks, I can guarantee you that had Mitt Romney won, all the liberals would have been apoplectic for a good long while.  It took me a few days to get over it, but I am re-energized.  I am not giving up hope, as long as I breathe.

We might be screwed, but we don't need to eat Obama's Beefaroni!


Anonymous said...

I think that's the most ridiculous thing about this election, that liberals DO believe that anyone who did not vote for Obama is a racist. All those comments like, "they can't believe a black guy beat a white guy!" or "they're scared that minorities are taking over!" Um, that's not the issue, please stop making that an issue.

Also, move on? It's been three days since election night. I have seen a lot of gracious posts from my Republican friends/bloggers with supportive sentiments even though they voted for Romney.

Incognito said...

They forget that we love our black conservatives, so no, we are not racist. granted, I'm sure there are some, but there are as many democrats who are as well.

So have I, the few conservative ones brave enough to be open about their politics have been very gracious. not so with the liberals. it's Friday and they're still at it, with the gloating. Not gracious at all.