Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AZ Wife Runs Over Husband For Not Voting- Blamed Him For Obama Win

Initially, I chuckled when I read that a pregnant Arizona woman had run over her husband with her SUV because he had not voted, and blaming him for Barack Obama's win; that is, until I delved further into the story. This is tragic on so many levels.

No, she wasn't on drugs and she wasn't drunk, but 28-year-old Holly Solomon got so angry during an argument with her 36-year-old husband Daniel, when she discovered he had not voted, that she chased him around a Mesa parking lot in her Jeep. When he finally made a run for it, she rammed into him pinning him under the car.

She was convinced her family would suffer under four more years with Obama.  And they probably will, but now her husband is in critical condition, and she is in jail for aggravated assault and domestic violence.

This election angered many people. It was one of the nastiest, most divisive, polarizing  campaigns I can remember.  Before Obama's re-election I witnessed how angry liberals can get. It became extremely vicious during that period of time when everyone thought Mitt Romney had a good chance of winning. But Obama won, and their anger and venom turned to joy. Naturally, our excitement turned to anger and disappointment. Because, yes, we were now faced with four more years of what many of us believe could be the death knell of this great country of ours.

If Holly's family is not doing well, she probably saw her husband not voting as a betrayal. It doesn't excuse what she did, and she obviously has some anger management issues she's going to want to deal with, but it's just tragic.

Ironic, that a president who had promised hope and change, bi-partisanship, and to bring everyone together has managed to create the polar opposite.

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