Saturday, November 24, 2012

Transexual Murderer Now Wants Electrolysis Along With Surgery

Remember 63-year-old transsexual, wife-killer Michelle (Robert) Kosilek who won his fight to get the taxpayers to cover the cost of his gender reassignment surgery?  Now Mich, who lives in an all-male prison in Massachusetts, wants electrolysis, because he/she's just too hairy for his/her liking.  Kosilek actually did have a few treatments (courtesy of the taxpayers) back in 2008 to remove excess hair from his chest and face, but prison officials believed he could use other methods (just like most women do) to remove the extra growth.

Apparently, her lawyers claim she needs the electrolysis to complete her as a woman. Considering she's living in an all-male prison, where no-one but her fellow inmates and prison guards see her, why the heck does she think she needs expensive hair removal treatments? Criminals, particularly murderers do not deserve special dispensation for anything.  He should have thought about that before he practically severed his wife's head off with a wire hanger.

The federal judge, Mark L. wolf, who gave the go ahead for the sex change surgery seems to think it was medically necessary, and therefore a "prolonged violation" of Kosilek's constitutional right against 'cruel and unusual punishment'.  Shouldn't he be punished for snuffing out his wife's life? The judge said:

"It has long been well-established that it is cruel for prison officials to permit an inmate to suffer unnecessarily from a serious medical need," the judge wrote in his 128-page decision.
He called it "unusual" to treat a prisoner with gender identity disorder differently "than the numerous inmates suffering from more familiar forms of mental illness."

The Department of Corrections is appealing the judge's initial surgery judgment, no comment on the electrolysis.

What a waste of money. The $30,000 to $80,000 the surgery will cost could feed lots of hungry people in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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