Thursday, November 08, 2012

How Obama Got Elected For Four More- 2012

While half the country is mourning the other half is gloating. Barack Obama did not win by a landslide, as many would like to believe, he won by a very small percentage (and much less than last time around), but he won nonetheless and many of us are still reeling.  A few days after the 2008 election, I wrote about how Obama won the presidency, and much of that holds true this time.

So what else went wrong?

I was quite hopeful we could bring this one home, at least by a thin margin, but obviously I was wrong. For various reasons.

I underestimated the American people, at least those who were still on the fence.  The ones that could have handed the White House to Mitt Romney, but chose to either not vote, or vote third party instead. The ones that decided their principles meant far more to them than the good of the country. The same ones who handed it over to Obama in 2008. That is unforgivable. These were people who should have known better, but chose to punish the Republican Party (again) and in so doing will have punished us all.

I also underestimated the lengths to which Obama and the Democratic Party would go to seal the deal, or rather steal the deal. From intimidation to voter fraud to thousands of military absentee ballots that were possibly lost in an alleged plane crash. Obama also ran a nasty campaign that leveled Romney in many ways, and Romney didn't really fight back. Bombarded with negative ads, which included many lies, people were either too lazy or ignorant to bother to check on their veracity. And none of Obama's worshippers bothered to ever research his dubious background. I will reiterate, I'm not a birther, I don't believe he's a Muslim, but it's quite obvious where his sympathies lie.  And he's as left as they get. Many I know have no problem with Socialism, so that wouldn't have been an issue with them.

In spite of the fact that Obama accomplished pretty much nothing during the last four years- other than ordering the Navy Seals to kill Osama Bin Laden- and we are, in fact, worse off than we were when he first started, people decided to re-elect a known, albeit ineffectual commodity. The problem is half the U.S. population has no clue how dangerous he is. Tarek Fatah, a moderate Canadian Muslim believes that 90% of  American Muslims voted for Obama because of his anti-Israel stance and pro Muslim Brotherhood sympathies, and because of that watch out for more Benghazis and more lies and cover-ups.

And how do you compete with the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? People want their free Obamaphones, and their free birth control. When you can get free stuff, why would you want to vote for someone who wants to help you get off your butt, off welfare and into a job? The fools don't realize someone's paying for that stuff, and that money is going to eventually dry up when businesses shut down or move off shore. They just have to look across the ocean to see how well the nanny states in Europe are faring.  We might not have riots after elections in this country (though I truly believe there might have been had Romney won) but I can guarantee that if we eventually have to go the austerity route, like Greece, it will definitely turn violent. With eight years of feeling entitled, and having the rug pulled from under them, it will not be pretty.

Having a shamefully biased media, pumping for Obama didn't help matters either.

The GOP needs to find a way to court the Latino and Black voters, though I'm not quite sure how. Ironically, the Republican party's stance on immigration is a big stumbling block for the Hispanic-American population, and yet, Obama has deported far more than George W. Bush ever did. And people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdoch need to keep their mouths shut.

I will pray, like I did in 2008, that he makes good on his promises for bi-partisanship and getting this country back on track, but I doubt things will change. And I pray he doesn't take this country down a road that will take years to recover from, though I have a feeling that's his aim. I hope I'm wrong.

This is the time the party needs to do some heavy-duty soul searching, and see what needs to be done to bring more Latinos, Blacks and women into the fold.

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