Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The French People March Against Islamic Fascism- Video

CBN in Paris reports on a march against Islamic fascism and Shariah law on November 12. Did anyone hear about this? No, because the leftist French media did not bother to report on this because it was considered racist.

With one of the largest Muslim immigrant populations in Europe, the French are  fed up.  The French youth have banned together creating Generation Identitaire, along with their declaration of war.

I know that most in the West would have no problem with Muslims if they would just integrate, but a good majority don't seem very interested in doing that. As radical Muslims push more for their agenda  to become accepted in Western countries (Shariah law, for one), Westerners are going to push back.  It's inevitable. Unfortunately, it could get very ugly.

HT: @ZillaStevenson

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