Monday, November 12, 2012

No Hate Crime- Shaima Alwadi's Husband Kassim Alhimidi Arrested

Remember Shaima Alawadi, the 32-year-old Iraqi-American woman who was found beaten to death in San Diego 8 months ago that liberals were convinced was a hate crime? They even created a Facebook page One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi, because Shaima wore an Islamic head scarf and the perp who bashed her head in obviously had to be some right-wing Islamophobe. Granted a note was found beside Shaima's body by her 17-year-old daughter Fatima that said: "Go back to your country, you terrorist", but the story had way too many holes for it to be believable. I figured it had to be either the husband or the daughter, and guess what- 48-year-old Kassim Alhimidi, Shaima's husband, has been arrested in connection with the crime.

Police are calling it domestic violence, but considering Shaima wanted a divorce and to move to Texas, it sounds more like an honor killing.

I still wonder whether the daughter had something to do with the murder, after all she was very distraught about an impending arranged marriage to a cousin, and there's that strange text message found on her cell:

“The detective will find out tell them (can’t) talk.”
Plus there's a question of how fluent Alhimidi is in English, since their 15-year-old son had to translate for him after six days of silence when, finally, at a news conference he wanted to know why the killer murdered his wife:

"The main question we would like to ask is what are you getting out of this and why did you do it?" Alhimidi said in Arabic as his 15-year-old son translated.

Ironic if he indeed killed her.

And could he have written that note, if he doesn't speak English? Did he kill his wife with the help of his kids, or is he protecting his daughter?

If either of them is guilty they're certainly good actors. Apparently, both Alhimidi and Fatima fainted back in Iraq when the body was being buried.

And that Facebook Page, where so many people were outraged and indignant about someone targeting a woman for wearing a hijab?  Gone!

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