Thursday, November 15, 2012

Key West Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Re-Election

Another distraught person succumbs to his fear, anger and depression over the election of Barack Obama. First we have the Arizona woman who ran over her husband for not voting. Now we hear about the 64-year-old Key West, Florida man who apparently committed suicide over Obama's re-election.

Henry Hamilton, who owned a tanning salon- Tropical Tan-  had told his partner Michael Cossey that "if Barack gets re-elected, I'm not going to be around".  Hamilton took his own life on November 8th, and was found overdosed on a bottle of Xanax and a bottle of Seroquel (for anxiety and schizophrenia), along with a living will that had "Do not revive! F--K Obama!" written on it. Cossey told police that Hamilton had "been very stressed about his business" and was "very upset about the election results." 

Although Cossey and Hamilton lived together, Cossey said the last time they talked was on November 6 when they watched the elections together.  

Police do not suspect foul play, though the whole story is a tad odd, albeit tragic.  

According to Dykes' report, Cossey returned to the South Roosevelt Boulevard condo he shared with Hamilton after a late night of playing cards with friends and fell asleep on the couch around 6 a.m.
A friend of Hamilton had been worried about him and had a standing request to police to make welfare checks. Officer Pablo Rodriguez did just that and when he went to the condo, he woke up Cossey, prompting the discovery of Hamilton's body in the bedroom.

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I still wonder what happened on the 7th. Where was Cossey?

I think people underestimate the negative impact Romney's loss had on many of us.

Sources: Florida Times Union, Miami Herald


Anonymous said...

How horribly sad. I am so sorry he did this. It's like letting Obama have the last say about your life. Obama sure isn't worrying and losing any sleep over stories like this, I'm sure.

Incognito said...

Yes, I agree. The whole thing is terribly tragic. And yes, the only person Obama cares about is himself.

Truth and Love said...

Someone who is filled with that much hate for another person needed help. If people really love this country they must have respect for our democracy and for those fairly elected. I wasn't happy about Bush but I didn't hate him either. The conservative media may be guilty for promoting and causing this poor man's death.

yoda said...

The man was on some heavyweight psychotropic meds for goodness sake !We need to stop lying every little thing on the president.Evidently he had issues pre-Obama.

Incognito said...

@Truth and Love and @Yoda

First of all it has less to do with hate and more to do with fear. For those who have done their research and were not duped by Obama's hype, there is much to be concerned about.

As for the man's troubles. Yes, anyone who is depressed and fearful won't see much hope for their future. Then you factor in another four years with a president who hasn't given anyone any hope whatsoever, other than the deluded, and you've got someone on the brink. I'm sure the woman who ran over her husband had problems before as well, but when someone's future seems bleak, fear can drive them to do the unthinkable.

No-one is saying Obama directly did this to anyone, but fear of a life that could worse under Obama did.

And the biased mainstream media is guilty of propping up a president who will drive this country into the ground. I hope I'm wrong and that Obama is a closet Republican as many people seem to think, but I'm not holding my breath. Given his background and the people he associated with in the past. this country is is doomed, economically.

Anonymous said...

Screw that cracker white faggot, and fuck all you republicans in the ass..go Obama. oh and by the way I hope more of do the same(kill yourself)

Incognito said...

@Anonymous. Normally I wouldn't publish a foul racist, homophobic comment like this. But I decided that people need to know that there are foul, racist, homophobic Democrats.

Have fun with your karma.

Warren P said...

I feel terrible about this. When we have come this far as a country to turn around and devour each other, it is a sad day! When a person puts their hope in gov't or another person instead of God, they are doomed to fail, but even that failure isn't too much to live through! Bot to address the issue...this man had a tanning company, and that is not a major business or corporation, so the president's economic policies don't harm him, but probably help him. But he had been poisoned against the president so much by conservative media that has no interest in uniting our country, and it led to this decision. What is sad that even with his lifestyle choice sexually, he is against the president who has been supportive of gay marriage. I just don't get it. The fear that has been instilled in AMERICANS in this election is crushing ALL OF US!!! In the 80's when we elected someone, we supported them to keep our country great. Now if it isn't our party candidate elected, we do all we can to make the other person look bad, dragging the country down. We have no real patriotism. We act like spoiled children! It's truly a shame and this is a wake-up call for people. Put God first and it doesn't matter who is elected...we will respect them and pray for them and our country.

Warren P said...

It is really a shame that people put this must trust in the gov't and not in God. Ok, the candidate you wanted wasn't elected. And you really believe that even though President Obama was elected by more people, those people must be stupid not to see the bad things on the horizon. Really? That is fear-based! People are afraid to the point that they don't want to go through the next 4 years. Wait, this guy lived through Carter and both Bushes and he thinks Obama is worse? That is crazy! And he has a lifestyle (with a partner) that is not supported by the GOP, but is by the current president, so did he listen to the conservative media and watch 2016 (lies) and make the decision to end his life instead of trusting God with it? If so, we need to realize that the people who have fed this fear to AMERICANS are not patriots! And we need to show them the way we are supposed to do the country no matter who is in office because our country is the greatest in the world! We look like absolute idiots tearing each other down based on having different views. We need to wake up for real!

Incognito said...

WarrenP: While I agree with you about trusting God, man has free will and we don't always make the right choices. I truly believe the American people did not make the right choice. That said, Obama will go down in history, unless he miraculously changes his agenda the next four years, as one of the worst presidents, right there with Jimmy Carter. You and I differ on our assessment of the Bushs. Speaking of, I'm sure you have conveniently forgotten how vilified George W was, both by the media and the American liberals. I guess you probably didn't have a problem with that.

The media has willfully kept information about Obama out of the press because they are so enamored of him, as are 50 % of the country. The conservative media counterbalances a very liberal mainstream media, and is much needed.

Not everyone is religious so they don't have their faith to give them comfort, you should have more compassion for those people.