Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Algerian-Swedish TV Host Condemns "The Rotten Ethics" Of Western Muslims

Powerful indictment against Muslims in the West by a Muslim living in Sweden:

Swedish-Algerian TV Host Yahya Abu Zakariya in Tirade against "Rotten Ethics" and Depravity of Muslims in the West
Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) - October 12, 2012

He claims that approximately 80% of Muslims in Europe are on welfare and many, including Mosque leaders, are perpetrating welfare fraud. He cites Sweden as an example where there are 500 Islamic associations compared to 1 Jewish association, and accuses every Mosque in Europe of theft and fraud. He rails against the fake divorces in order to get free housing, that is then rented out, and the hypocrisy of Muslim rapists and drug leaders in jail who insist on halal meals, and the bearded ones killing other Muslims in the name of Allah.

He then asks some bearded Muslim on the show "What do you expect from the West when it's exposed to such rotten ethics?"

Indeed, what do you expect?

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