Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Give Me Free Birth Control Sandra Fluke Nominated For Time "Person of The Year 2012"

Sandra Fluke, poster child for the "gimme free stuff because the government owes me that" mentality, has just been nominated for Time Magazine's "Person of the Year 2012".

There are 40 nominees, which Time will ultimately choose, but you too can have your say (vote before December 12.) Granted, the 'chosen'  few aren't necessarily picked for their positive qualities- there are plenty of  dubious ones listed, including Bashar al-Assad and Barack Obama, who has been nominated, again! Time does clarify that when voting (that is, if you choose to play along) you should:

Cast your vote for the person you think most influenced the news this year for better or worse

31-year-old Sandra Fluke, that self-serving Georgetown law student graduate, was the catalyst for the "war on women" mantra that the Democratic party glommed onto in order to appeal to all the single, child-bearing females in the country (and their champions) who feel the government should provide free birth control. Ironically, they also happen to be the ones who say the government should  not interfere with their bodies. But it worked, since single women were instrumental in getting Obama four more years in the White House.

Source: Daily Caller

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