Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kazakh "Tumar" Amulet Real Reason For Obama Victory

Here we've been racking our brains trying to figure out how the heck Barack Obama won the election after polls seemed so promising for a Mitt Romney win, when it all boiled down to Kazakhstan's president and a "tumar".   What's a "tumar" you might ask? Well, it's an amulet native to  that country which contains some Koranic prayers placed in a small leather pouch and typically gifted to newborn babies. In this case, President Nursultan Nazarbaev gave Obama a framed version "for good luck"  while they both were attending the nuclear-security summit in Seoul, Korea in March.  Yes, that same summit where Obama was caught on tape telling Medvedev to give him space until after he's re-elected.

Now everyone thinks that the tumar clinched Obama's victory, well sort of.

In a society where almost every success of the state is ascribed to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev, it's perhaps no surprise that someone thought to give him credit for playing a role in the reelection of U.S. President Barack Obama.

"Aikyn," one of Kazakhstan’s main newspapers, published an article on November 8 claiming that Obama had won a second term in office thanks to a "tumar," an amulet he was given by Nazarbaev earlier this year.


"Aikyn’s" straightforward news report is consistent in reiterating the connection between the powers of the amulet and Obama’s reelection. After a few sentences about the number of electoral votes Obama received, the tone of the article takes a turn into a whole other realm.

In other words, all forecasters turned out to be right. At this point we have to remember that in March this year, President Nazarbaev met with Barack Obama...Nazarbaev gave Obama a Kazakh tumar as a gift so that he could win in a landslide victory in the presidential elections. The Kazakh leader's special gift brought victory to Obama.

Perhaps the newspaper was inspired by comments that began emerging online soon after Obama’s victory was announced, when users began poking fun at Nazarbaev’s success in reelecting Obama.

One Facebook user in Kazakhstan posted the following post on the social-media site: “They say Mitt Romney sees Nazarbaev’s tumar as the main reason for Obama’s victory.”

The comments started rolling in soon after.

“Oops! Now it turns out that Obama was reelected thanks to our Leader of the Nation’s long-sighted policy,” one wrote.

“After Obama’s victory some leaders of the democratic regimes have made quite a long queue in order to get a tumar from Nazarbaev,” another added

So there you have it-  the magical Koranic powers of the tumar amulet  helped Obama win another four. 

At least the Kazakh people have a sense of humor.

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