Thursday, January 03, 2013

Morsi in 2010: No Negotiating With "Descendants of Apes and Pigs"

This is what Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi had to say about Israel in 2010, only two years ago:

That all Muslims and Arabs must support the Palestinian fighters against Zionist "blood-suckers" and "descendants of pigs apes and pigs", and besiege them wherever they are. There should be military resistance within Palestine, and political and economic resistance through boycotts, including boycotting all U.S. (and others) products that support Israel. "None of the Arab or Muslim peoples and regimes should have dealings with them."  "They must not stand on any Arab or Islamic land. They must be driven out of our countries." "Resistance is the only way to liberate the land of Palestine." "All ties of all kinds must be severed with this plundering criminal entity." "We want a country for the Palestinians on the entire land of Palestine."

And this is the kicker:

"They have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were in history. They are hostile by nature."

Ironic, considering all the violence and hostility Muslims have been perpetrating- even against each other- over the centuries, but most noticeably the last few decades.

And note, Zionist is just another word for Jew.

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