Monday, September 10, 2012

An Overdose Of Hope- Taki's Magazine's Take On The DNC

For those of you who missed the Democratic National Convention, Taki's Magazine has an irreverent, totally unPC, hilarious, recap of what went on. Here are a few snippets.

His ears spread wide, a haggard Barack Obama took the stage looking as if he’d lost roughly 50 pounds of mojo since 2008. Openly groping for the female vote, he acknowledged his love for his steroidal wife Michelle and his adorable daughters, Bulimia and Sausage. He spoke of hope, and of moving forward, and of moving forward hopefully, claiming that he wasn’t merely peddling “blind optimism or wishful thinking.”
The convention’s theme was summed up in a single word: FORWARD. The Republicans want to go back, but the Democrats want to go forward, as a possibly sloshed Jennifer Granholm screamed at conventioneers like a transsexual Howard Dean. Everyone reassured us that Obama inherited a bad situation and will need four more years before he gives us the slightest inkling that we’re moving forward. He needs to finish the job he started. Going forward is always good, even if you’re headed toward an iceberg.
Read the whole thing here. Well worth it.

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