Thursday, September 06, 2012

DNC Delegate Wants "To Kill" Mitt Romney

Every political party has its jerks, though the Democrats are less likely to admit such a thing.  The Republican National Convention had those two pigs who allegedly threw peanuts at a black CNN reporter Patricia Carroll while yelling: "This is how we feed animals!" Disgusting and disgraceful. Two delegates were tossed out and an apology was made, but with much grace and fairness  Carroll admitted that it could have easily happened at the Democratic National Convention, and she's right. That such racism still exists in  2012 is disheartening, but it's not only conservatives who are still racist. And she did not want the incident to be politicized. Good for her.  And I'm so sorry it happened.

So we had some racist idiots at the RNC. Not good. The DNC, on the other hand, has charming people who would like "to kill Romney".

The Blaze was talking to delegates at the DNC and came across New Yorker Julia Rodriguez who was asked if she was better off than she was four years ago. She launched into an anti-Romney rant repeating that "Romney will destroy this country completely!" and then ended with "If I see him I would like to kill him!"

Obviously, the old Puerto Rican woman's threat was just a figure of speech, but- nice going- Julia.

So, thank you very much, it's not just the Republicans who have less than charming people in their midst.  Democrats are just as ugly.

Source The Blaze

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