Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 2012- Randy Scott's Note

It's been 11 years since that terrible day on September 11. In keeping with honoring the many lives that were snuffed out in the name of Allah, I thought I would share this story:

For almost 10 years, Randy Scott's family thought he had mercifully died instantly when the Twin Towers were struck. Randy worked at Euro Bankers on the 84th floor of the 2nd tower of the World Trade Center. Last year his widow discovered that wasn't so. A note he had written and thrown out of the office window on the 84th floor made its way to Denise right before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

All the note contained was:

and a thumb print sized drop of blood.  The DNA from that small drop finally led to "the note" writer's identification. How it arrived in the hands of Denise Scott's hands is somewhat of a miracle.  The note was caught by an individual in the street below and eventually wound up at the medical examiner's office.

It wasn't easy for the Randy's family since the note meant that he and the others had suffered until the tower collapsed.

"I spent 10 years hoping that Randy wasn't trapped in that building," Denise, 57, said Friday from a front room in her Stamford home with two of her three daughters, Rebecca, 29, and Alexandra, 22, at her side.
"I thought he was killed instantly," Rebecca interjected."It was so close to impact," Alexandra concluded.
Randy Scott's daughters fought tears as his message again triggered new mental images.
In a steady tone, their mother explained the power of the note. "You don't want them to suffer. They're trapped in a burning building. It's just an unspeakable horror. And then you get this 10 years later. It just changes everything."
Read the full story here.  It is very poignant.

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