Monday, September 03, 2012

National Empty Chair Day- In Honor of the "Eastwooding" Meme

It's National Empty Chair Day- inspired by Clint Eastwood's pretty bizarre, but funny 'empty chair' harangue with an invisible Barack Obama. The "Eastwooding" meme has taken the Internet by storm,  both by people who laud Eastwood for his RNC "speech", and the liberals who are mocking what they think was merely the ramblings of a senile old man.

 The blog Legal Insurrection solicited photos of empty chairs from readers. These are my favorite, though there are  other clever ones:

From 'creeper' in Comanche, Iowa: “I am SO ready. Here’s mine. I’m particularly proud of the “teleprompter”…a floor lamp and plastic top from a Kodachrome slide box. Bring it on!”

And Kahne in Houston:
Beignet the Pug is trying to tell the empty suit that her Mommy really would like a more favorable environment to build buildings, because she is an Architect and this has been the worst year in her career.
Houston’s unemployment rate is lower than the rest of the country, but has inched up over the last year. This photo is taken in my front yard, in the most liberal part of Houston, the Museum District, where I have the ONLY Romney bumper stickers on my car in my ‘hood’ (I have several neighbors that felt My car would be damaged because of the bumper stickers and they cower in their beliefs!) because I live in the artsy part of town, I’m sure that those passers-by my house will certainly “get” this as it is abstract Art!
LOL…..I love your sites and am an avid follower! Keep up the good work!

And blogger Granny Jan created a blog entirely dedicated to the "Empty Chair".

The young kids over at Misfit Politics even made a video about an empty chair.

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