Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"We Are Hungry" Viral Video- Kids Complain About School Lunch Rules

The latest song parody is by a group of Kansas school kids and some of their teachers- the song is written by one of them- skewering Michelle Obama's 2010 "Healthy, Hunger-Free Act" which limits growing kids to a mere 850 calories per school lunch. Applicable to both males and females active and non-active, that amount of calories for lunch just isn't enough for the kids to function properly. Now, I understand the need to make lunches more healthy since obesity is a huge problem for our youth, but limiting calories is not helpful in any way. All this will do is make the kids eat more junk food and make them fatter.

The song is based on the song "We Are Young" by Fun, no credit anywhere for the singer.

The kids are from Wallace County High School.

The Blaze tracked them down, and has more information on the whole issue.

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