Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama Sign Vandal in Texas Not a Republican

Beth and Tom Priem of Austin, Texas thought that some nasty Republicans were vandalizing their Barack Obama 2012 yard signs. I'm sure they were convinced that it was one of their Republican neighbors whose own GOP signs were left in pristine condition. So after four days in a row of finding their Obama signs damaged, they went to the police, who were unable to help. Thanks to their dog, who alerted them, the vandal was soon revealed. It turns out it wasn't a human poking holes in their campaign signs,after all, but rather a deer. A very smart deer, at that. Much smarter, in fact, than the Priems.

Talking to KXAN, Tom said:

"Apparently, we have a Republican deer in our neighborhood!""The funny thing is, I haven't seen any other signs damaged. The people directly across the street have four signs; the person across the street and to the left has two, and the next house to the left has one. We can't figure out why the deer is attacking our signs."

Maybe it's a sign, Tom. Vote for Mitt Romney instead.

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