Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Egyptian TV Broadcasts First Veiled Newscaster

Under Hosni Mubarak's secular and somewhat modern- albeit dictatorial- rule, female news broadcasters on Egyptian state television were banned from wearing the veil. With the Arab Spring came majority Islamist rule and now the first female anchor Fatma Nabil has appeared on the news wearing her hijab.
Nabil is happy as a clam, it seems, telling the Muslim Brotherhood's daily rag:
“Finally the revolution has reached” Egyptian media,
Mohammed Fathi- a TV official- believes this will pave the way for others  to start wearing their veils as well.  At least four have already received permission on various channels, including Channel 1 and Nile News. 
Why would a woman who is so into 'modesty'- that she feels compelled to cover her head- even want to appear on television?  And do they really think that covering their hair is going to stop Muslim men from lusting after them? Which is the whole point of wearing a hijab to begin with.  Why not just don a niqab (full face veil) and run on over to the all female Egyptian TV Channel Marya? I'm sure they'd be happy to add a few more hijabis onto their roster.
Egypt seems to be taking major steps backwards. Sad for a country that has such a rich pre-Islamic history. 

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