Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Israeli Ambassador Denies Wasserman-Schultz' Claim He Said GOP Dangerous

Florida Democratic Congresswoman and DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is at it again with her flagrant lies. Back in late August, Wasserman-Schultz purposely misquoted an L.A. Times article in a fundraising newsletter, deliberately equating Romney's abortion stance with Republican Congressman Todd Akin's  bizarre beliefs. Anderson Cooper ripped her a new one for the misquote, but Wasserman-Schultz was not interested in apologizing for her blatant lie.

Her latest fib, caught on tape (see below), claimed she heard Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren say that "..what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel."  

Oh really?  According to, Oren Debbie is lying.

"I categorically deny that I ever characterized Republican policies as harmful to Israel,” Ambassador Michael Oren said in a written statement. “Bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for Israel, and we have great friends on both sides of the aisle."
Naturally, she's now backpedaling, saying that her comments were "misrepresented" by the Washington Examiner that quoted her. Brad Woodhouse, DNC communications director, said:  "The Examiner’s piece should be seen for what it is, a blatant misrepresentation of the facts by a conservative outlet."  Sorry Brad, audio bytes don't lie. And besides, with her penchant for twisting the truth, she's the last person I would believe.

Wasserman-Schultz was apparently at an Obama campaign sponsored training pep rally for Jewish Democrats, telling them that:

Republicans “can’t get anywhere with our community on domestic issues” and instead “do everything they can to lie and distort and mischaracterize this president’s stellar record on Israel.”

And more lies, Obama does not have a stellar record on Israel. He never has.

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