Friday, September 28, 2012

Barack Obama Halloween Masks Outsell Mitt Romney Masks

Barack Obama masks are outselling Mitt Romney masks for Halloween, so they'd like us to think  this means Obama is more popular and will therefore win in November. That, along with the fact the polls allegedly favor Obama over Romney, has them convinced. But since polls are notoriously flawed I don't put any credence into them. Jimmy Carter supposedly had an eight point lead over Ronald Reagan way into October, 1980, and who won? Not Carter. Same thing happened with Dukakis in 1988.  Anything can happen between now and election day, and I'm praying lots. And who's to say everyone buying an Obama mask is actually a supporter. It's Halloween after all, the day to dress up in the scariest costume possible, and Obama's persona is pretty darn scary.

But two of the most popular companies that sell costumes- and Spirit Halloween Stores- claim that the most popular presidential mask has always led to victory for that candidate. statistics said Obama is up 30 percentage points over Romney, and Spirit Halloween has Obama mask sales figures at 69 percent vs. 31 percent for the Romney version.
Skeptics might say the costume poll is just window dressing meant to mask the real issues, but ABC News reports that BuyCostumes mask sales have correctly predicted the victor in the past three elections, while Spirit's mask sales have been right in the past four.
"Our presidential index has proven to be a consistent and accurate predictor of the next president for nearly two decades," Spirit Halloween company CEO and president Steven Silverstein told NewsMax.
For instance, Spirit Halloween figures show that Bill Clinton outsold Bob Dole by 71 percent to 29; George W. Bush outsold Al Gore by 57 percent to 43; Bush outsold John Kerry by 65 percent to 35; and Obama outsold John McCain by 60 percent to 40.

But just as polls are flawed so are these silly kinds of unscientific predictors. Apparently, has sold more Obama masks in Texas, and Romney has sold more in Massachusetts. The liberal media is doing its best to make us believe the election is all but lost for Romney, but we shall see.

If all the Romney/Ryan yard signs I've seen are any indication, we could win this November. I've actually yet to see an Obama one.

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