Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UPDATE: The 13 Minute Anti-Islam Film Trailer That Sparked The Latest Muslim Carnage

UPDATE 9/12/12: The true nationality of filmmaker "Sam Bacile", and the amount spent on the film has been called into question.  The Israel government have never heard of him, nor is there any record of him in California. Furthermore, according to the film's consultant Steve Klein, Bacile is not even a real person and definitely not Jewish or Israeli. The name is actually a pseudonym for a group of Evangelical and Coptic Christians from that region. The Atlantic Wire has more information.  If true, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it, trying to pawn off the controversy on an 'Israeli Jew' is reprehensible and totally unforgivable. If you are going to make an anti-Islam film, then have the courage to own it. As if the Israelis don't have enough problems. Truly shameful!

Original Post
The anti-Islam film that sparked the protests in both Egypt and Libya along with the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, was not- as previously reported by major news outlets- a U.S. Coptic Christian production. It was allegedly written and directed by a 56-year-old California-based Israeli Jewish filmmaker/real estate developer, Sam Bacile, who is now in hiding, who believes "Islam is a cancer".

"Innocence of Muslims" is an offensive, badly acted two-hour movie (if the 13 minute trailer below is any indication), that unbelievably cost $5 million to produce. In the 13 minutes Mohammed is exposed as a pedophile, womanizer, fraud and gay, among other things. Who knows what audience members have in store for them during the full two hours.

According to Washington Times, Bacile apologized for the death of Ambassador Stevens, but rightfully placed blame on the murdering thugs and the lack of security at the embassies.

“I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good,” said Bacile. “America should do something to change it.”
And he's probably right. I don't recall there ever being more than a few marine guards on duty at one time at the embassies and consulates in the countries we lived in. Perhaps there are more stationed in a volatile region like the Middle East, and if there had been a warning the number would have increased, but certainly not enough to stave off an attack by a mob of angry Muslims. And apparently the local Libyan security officers bailed, like cowards, when the attack commenced.

I also blame the Islamist governments that are fostering and encouraging extremism in those countries, and were probably somehow complicit. How was a "safehouse" in Libya attacked without it being an inside job?

"It was supposed to be a secret place and we were surprised the armed groups knew about it. There was shooting," Sharif said. Two U.S. personnel were killed there, he said. Two other people were killed at the main consular building and between 12 and 17 wounded.

And how interesting that they chose 9/11 to demonstrate.  The film was shot last summer, so they had plenty of time to protest , but obviously chose this particular day for a reason.

Although the trailer is in English, it was also stupidly dubbed into Arabic to inspire all those violence-prone Arabs to action.

Obama and Clinton have condemned the killings: Obama calling it an "outrageous act", and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placing the blame on a  "small savage group", not the people or government of Libya.  Savage? Yes. Small?  I doubt it. And talk about ingrates. We helped rid their country of a tyrant through training, weapons and money, and this is what we get in return?  Similarly, the Egyptians have received almost $2 billion in military and economic aid since 1979. I think that needs to stop. Now.

If the film was aiming at satire, it failed. Miserably. And offensive as it is, killing people over it is even more offensive.  These people are just proving what savages they are, and will only succeed in making Westerners less tolerant of their supremely intolerant religion. Some would like to excuse the actions of a few so-called extremists, but many of the Egyptian protesters were soccer fans, not your typical bearded Islamists. That is inexcusable. Killing people because you are offended is inexcusable.

I'm not sure how long the video will be available on Youtube, but here it is for now.

UPDATE 9/16/12:  You are not going to believe who they now think was the director of the movie, although considering the schlockiness you  might be able to guess.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the trailer alone convinced me that this is the worst film ever made. No wonder the producer/director is in hiding. It not only is insulting, but cheap and wasteful. I wouldn't pay one red cent to see it or hear it...HORRIBLE!!!

Incognito said...

Yes, indeed, it is probably the worst I have seen. And no wonder the producer/director duped the actors. But as horrid as it is, it does in no way justify the violence we are now seeing in the Middle East as a result.