Sunday, September 30, 2012

Offended Bangladesh Muslims Torch Buddhist Temples Over Quran On Facebook

One Buddhist kid posts a photo of a desecrated Quran on his Facebook page, and Muslims retaliate by going on a rampage and torching from four to forty Buddhist temples (reports differ as to the actual count), and destroying more than 15 houses in the predominately Buddhist section of Cox's Bazar. That's what happened this weekend in Bangladesh. Just chalk it up to another day of Muslim rage.

Uttom Kumar Barua- the boy who allegedly posted the photo, and who no longer has an account- claims that he was tagged in the photo on his Facebook timeline. Still, he and his mum have been detained.

As a result of the violent protests, at least 20 were wounded. But like the Libya attack, it is believed to have been pre-planned rather than a spontaneous reaction to the Facebook photo.

...Bangladesh's home minister, Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, today said authorities believe the attacks had been planned well in advance.

“We found evidences of gunpowder and petrol in Saturday’s arson of the Buddhist monasteries and houses," he said, according to Bangladesh's Daily Star, denouncing what he called "premeditated and deliberate act of communal violence against a minority.

Security forces were launched to the area that is located near the Buddhist-majority Myanmar. To prevent further violence protests have been banned.  The Bangladeshis have been busy, since they were also out in force protesting the "Innocence of Muslim" film, even  going on strike.

It doesn't take much for a backlash, anymore. It's pathetic that those countries do little to nothing to prevent violence and the persecution of minorities. And more often than not, it's encouraged by the leaders of those countries.

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