Friday, September 07, 2012

Death Threats For Rapper Niki Minaj's Rap Line Supporting Mitt Romney

Born in Trinidad, foul-mouthed rapper Nicki Minaj raps- in Lil Wayne's "Mercy" Mixtape, Dedication 4- the following:

"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney,You lazy b***ches  is f***ing up the economy."
Yes, believe it or not. At least those are the lyrics. Whether there is any truth to it, however, is another story. First of all, she's not registered to vote, so if she had planned on voting for Romney, it 'aint gonna happen. Second of all, she has in the past said she was a "gay rapper", which turned out not to be true.  At least so she says. So who knows. She might or might not be gay, she might or might not support Mitt Romney.

What we do know is that those two lines in the song (if you can call it one) has spawned a legion of Twitter death threats, because that's how black liberals react to anyone who doesn't adore Obama like they do.

I don't like her music , but she's welcome to our party, if this wasn't just a promotional stunt.

Watch her video at your own discretion, but it's incredibly vulgar.

UPDATE 9/10/12:

Well, this could put any questions aside of whether Minaj is a Mitt fan. According to Obama- who was asked about Nicki's Romney endorsement on a radio show- it was just one of her 'alter egos'.  Nicki then tweeted:

Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor and sarcasm, Mr President, the smart ones always do...*sends love and support* @BarackObama
Who knows.

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