Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shame On Badrya Darwish For Reporting Misinformation On The Anti-Islam Film!

Badrya Darwish is a journalist with the Kuwait Times who wrote the following opinion piece regarding the anti-Islam film "The Innocence of Muslims" that has wreaked havoc in the Muslim world.  Her commentary was published on 9/13, more than enough time for her to have researched the subject matter (like the rest of us) and discovered that it was not an Israeli Jew involved in the project, but rather a California-based, ex-con Egyptian Coptic Christian, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  And that that the project was funded by the Christian community.  And that the actors and crew had no clue, whatsoever, that they were working on what would turn out to be a controversial film that would inflame the easily angered Muslim world. Darwish, no Nonie, irresponsibly claims that the movie was created by an American Jew (wrong), and that the cast had to have known (also wrong).  She titles her article Shame on you filmmaker! I say, shame on you Badrya for not doing your job and vetting your information, or at least updating it.

Shame On You Filmmaker!
I find it a bit strange how the attack on the American ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens, which resulted also in the death of three other diplomats coincided with the news about a film depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a very insulting way. It is a known fact that American embassies around the world are well-protected and they all resemble big fortresses. This is why I could believe the statement of Obama administration that the attack had been pre-arranged and pre-planned. Of course, the murder of the ambassador and any other American or a person of any nationality is a crime and is considered an act of terror. I condemn any murder.
Let me now go back to the movie which was made by an anti-Muslim filmmaker. Jointly, this American Jew and a Coptic Christian American created a movie which depicts Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in all sorts of non-religious ways. According to online reports, the movie and its trailer depict Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in a very insulting way. I cannot even begin to describe in what demeaning ways.
Of course, the producer of the film and the actors taking part in the movie knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly what the result of this would be – violence and riots. Plus, the movie called “Innocence of Muslims” reportedly cost millions to make with money raised from the Jewish community. I call this insinuation of hatred and an act of terror that is wrapped in velvet. And do not say that it is about freedom of speech because it is not!
After 9/11, the US has new laws. Let’s see the American government use those against non-Muslims too. The silence of the Arab and Muslim governments is amazing. It reminds me of the silence of the lambs.

Way to go Badrya!  And what's with the silence of the lambs reference.  Did you even see the movie? And yes, Badrya, in our country there is a thing called freedom of speech. And offensive or not, in the civilized world, no-one goes around setting buildings on fire or murdering people because they happen to be offended by  a trashy film made by a few individuals.  One small f-rated film does not reflect a whole country. When will your people get that through their thick heads? Ambassador Stevens and the other three innocents had NOTHING to do with that film. Now they're dead. And you wonder why we criticize your religion for its gross overreaction to any little perceived offense.

Evolve and grow up!  Get a thicker skin. It's not all about you and your Prophet.

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