Saturday, September 22, 2012

HugObama Website Created In Response To Boycott of Obama Bear Hugging Pizza Owner

I so love liberal hypocrisy.

Apparently there was a call by conservatives to boycott Scott Van Duzer's pizza place after he gave Barack Obama a huge bear hug while the prez was visiting his Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce, Florida . Not really a good reason to boycott an establishment, then again neither is boycotting a franchised company because the corporate head happens to believe that traditional marriage is between  a man and a woman. Chik-fil-A has a policy of non-discrimination against anyone based on gender, race or sexual orientation, and yet liberals launched a huge nationwide boycott against the franchise, regardless of the fact that this could adversely affect the livelihoods of franchise owners and workers who might not have the same outlook on marriage as Dan Cathy.

Perhaps conservatives felt they needed to punish Van Duzer- a Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 and plans on doing it again- for his betrayal, or maybe it was payback time for the Chik-Fil-A boycott.  But Republicans have as much a right to call for a boycott as the Democrats do, although the liberals don't seem to think so.

Since those big bad GOPers started flooding his yelp account with negative comments (though they're all gone now), someone felt sorry enough for Van Duzer (and maybe it was Van Duzer himself) to create a "Hug Obama website",  complete with Hug Obama mugs, t-shirts and caps.

Ironically, the website says:

This simple act of appreciation has triggered a flood of negative commentary directed at both Mr. Van Duzer and his business. Internet flame wars have erupted on dozens of major sites in which many Republicans are claiming that Big Apple Pizza should be boycotted because of the hug.

Show your support for freedom of expression and American Business by hugging Obama yourself! Don't let political bullies dictate who we can and cannot support!
How's that for hypocrisy?!  It's perfectly okay for liberals to bully and dictate who Americans can and cannot support, but not vice versa.

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