Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama Logo U.S. Flag Print- Get Yours For Only $35.00

You too could own one of these limited edition Obama flag screen prints for a mere $35.00. Only 250 available, so get yours quick.  But, wait,  there are plenty of other gifty type things you can purchase- like the $40.00 Vote Obama I-Phone case, for the wealthy ones who can afford to spend $40.00 on something they will have to retire after the November elections. Or how about the Obama 44 button collection tote bag. Or that $25.00 "Forward" poster that shows Obama in all his smug, arrogant glory. Couldn't they have picked a photo that actually makes him more appealing? How about a smile?

The Obama flag takes the cake, though. Only a narcissist would have the 'stars and stripes' designed with his own logo in place of the stars.

Check out the Twitter reaction to the Obama flag.

UPDATE 10/13/12: The flag print is gone from the website.  Either they sold out of the limited edition prints, which is very possible, or they took it down because of ridicule.

H/T: The Blaze

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