Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama Wants To Send $450 Million To Islamist Egypt

Although it was blocked by Republican congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas, Barack Obama wants to transfer $450 million to Egypt in spite of the fact that Egypt's new Islamist president Mohamed Morsi pretty much allowed our embassy in Cairo to be attacked and vandalized on 9/11, and is trying to tell us what is and isn't appropriate as far as free speech goes. At the recent U.N. General Assembly session Morsi responded to Obama's defense of free speech saying while "Egypt respects freedom of expression", Mohammed, Islam, and the Muslim culture are totally off limits. In reference to the "Innocence of Muslims", the anti-Islam film that unleashed a swath of violence across Muslim lands, he said:

“The obscenities that I have referred to that were recently released as part of an organized campaign against Islamic sanctities are unacceptable. We reject this. We cannot accept it,” Morsi said, his voice thin with anger. “We will not allow anyone to do this by word or deed.”

No? Maybe in your country, Mr. Morsi, you have control over what people say, but not in ours!

And that $450 million cash infusion is above and beyond what we already are giving them, including $1.5 billion per annum to maintain the Israeli/Egypt peace treaty. And yet when he spoke at the U.N. it was all about the Palestinians and their 'rights', and  no mention of the peace treaty.

Morsi also said Egypt would argue forcefully for the rights of Palestinians and for an end to what he called illegal occupation of Arab lands, a reference to Israeli occupation of the West Bank. He said nothing about Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel, the basis for about $1.5 billion in annual U.S. aid, but has in the past said he wants to make changes.

The Egyptian president denounced Israel’s presumed nuclear weapons, a stockpile built outside the international arms control treaty. And in a further challenge
to Israel and its U.S. ally, Morsi warned against “irresponsible policies or arbitrary threats.” That was a reference to the looming possibility of a unilateral Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Islamists are no friends of the West, as moderate as some might seem. Egypt under Mubarak, as nasty as he might have been, at least kept the West, and Israel, safer from terrorists, not so with Islamists. And why are we sending money that we don't have, considering we are in major debt,  to countries that are not true allies?

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