Monday, September 03, 2012

UK Dads Banned From Day Care Center So As Not To Offend Muslim Women

Fathers are in an uproar in Birmingham, England after a children's play center banned all males so as not to offend Muslim mums. Kids Go Wild is located in Sparkhill, a mainly Asian/Muslim area of Birmingham, and up until the recent decision was a co-ed play center.

But it's not just dads that are being turned away, they're not even allowing males over nine. No wonder they're all so screwed up. If kids can't learn to deal with the opposite sex in a safe, supervised environment, they'll grow up maladjusted.

And it's not just non-Muslims who are more than pissed off at the decision, it has also infuriated some in the Muslim community. As a result, a large group of dads took their complaint to the Equality and Human Rights commission which intends to investigate the situation.

One dad called it "sexist" and "disgusting". One mum, Ruksana Ayub, said:

“I understand why women would want a place like this where there are no men. They won’t feel they have to cover up so they might feel more able to relax and to socialise. But I’m quite modern in my outlook, so I also find it quite shocking that men aren’t allowed in. It’s a shame for kids who don’t have a mum.”

Local Muslims are equally concerned:

The move was branded a “worrying situation” by local councillor Habib Rehman, a Muslim and father-of-four. He said: “There’s something wrong here when a dad can’t take his kids to a play centre.”

Father-of-three Tariq Mahmood, of nearby Hall Green, said: “In the Muslim community men and women being separate is normal at religious events and social functions. But a play centre isn’t a religious or function thing. It’s somewhere for children to play. A ban on men gives the wrong impression about men.”

Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: “It is clear there are common sense voices as you would expect from the Muslim community. I would hope that the play group would listen to people of every faith and respect the role of fathers within the family.”

Kids Go Wild has defended its decision:

The manageress of the centre, who refused to give her name, said she was catering for the “predominantly Asian community”.

She said: “It’s a cultural thing. It’s not that men are an issue, ladies are more comfortable around women. They’ve been asking for it for a long time.”

And this is how it starts, folks. Gender segregation will eventually become the norm in those communities, and then they will start demanding it elsewhere. But I blame Muslim males, in general, for forcing women to withdraw under their abayas, burqas and veils by burdening them with keeping the man's lust in check.

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