Saturday, June 15, 2013

Afghan Doctor Stoned For Treating Female Patient Without Chaperone

Someone snitched on an Afghan doctor who was treating a female patient, and soon the angry mobs appeared. Although the police attempted to escort the two out, the doctor was pushed off the second-floor balcony of his office, and was subsequently stoned.

A mob attacked an Afghan medical doctor and his female patient, stoning the doctor after the two were discovered in his private examining room without a chaperon, Afghan officials said on Thursday.

There were conflicting accounts that the doctor had been killed or that he had been severely injured and sent out of Afghanistan for treatment. The woman was initially feared missing, but was later reported to be at a women’s shelter, according to an official there.

The attack took place in Sar-i-Pul, a government-held town in the northern province of the same name, on Tuesday, but news was slow to leak out and officials initially denied that anyone had been hurt.

The provincial police chief, Abdul Raouf Taj, said that local villagers and shopkeepers stormed the private clinic when they heard that the doctor, Ajmeer Hashimi, was treating a patient, a midwife named Mahboba, alone in his examining room.
The doctor and midwife both worked at the same hospital.

As is often the case, it will take a while to find out the details, if we are ever privy to them.

Source: NY Times

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