Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gazan Woman, 21, Has 11 Kids

A 21-year-old Gazan woman and her 25-year-old government worker husband (whose monthly salary is less than $500) just had quintuplets. Yay. Problem is, they already had sextuplets so now they have a grand total of 11 kids. 

“I really don’t want to keep on giving birth, but this is what happened to me,” Naima al-Batash told Al Arabiya.
“After one course of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, I put one child to sleep, but then the second child will wake up, so I start breastfeeding, and the same thing happens again… My head is spinning,” she said.
“Crying won’t help. If God gave me these children, he’ll help me raise them,” Batash added. Naima’s husband Raad is feeling the financial strain, as the salary from his government job is less than $500 a month, and half of it goes to paying debt.
“I feel what’s demanded from me is more than I can give as a 25-year-old, a lot of money every day to buy milk and pampers,” he said.

Have they never heard of birth control?  Depending on the source, Islam does approve of birth control under certain circumstances, including having a woman's tubes tied (as long as it's reversible), which is what they should have done after giving birth to sextuplets.

Naima got married when she was 14, and wants more government help, which probably comes from US aid to Palestine.

I suppose eventually they'll be old enough to become martyrs.

See the parents and their brood in a video on Al Arabiya.

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