Sunday, June 23, 2013

Uzbekistan Bans Meaningless Songs That "Don't Praise The Motherland"

If you think our government has too much control over our lives, check this out:

In a statement on its website, Uzbekistan's Culture and Sports Ministry has announced a ban on "meaningless" songs that fail to "praise the motherland."

In a rather insensitively worded ruling, the music of pop groups Mango and Ummon and singers Dilfuza Rahimova, Otabek Mutalhojaev, and Dilshod Rakhmonov were condemned as being "meaningless from musical and lyrical standpoints." (Ouch!)

They were stripped of their performing licenses, which are issued by an agency within the ministry, Uzbeknavo, and which are needed in order to perform in public in Uzbekistan.

Says the ministry:

"Their songs do not conform to our nation’s cultural traditions, they contradict our moral heritage and mentality. We should not forget about our duty to praise our motherland, our people, and their happiness.”
Seven other performers were issued "harsh warnings" and given a deadline of July 1 to eliminate what the ministry euphemistically calls their "creative shortcomings."
Of course, the daughter of Uzbek President Islam Karimov- Gulnara Karimova (aka Googoosha)- is not subject to that ban.  Here's her latest music video- "How Dare", which definitely does not comply with the nation's cultural traditions, whatever those happen to be. Note that the clothing and jewelry are Gulnara's designs. The jack-of-all-trades also happens to be an economist and diplomat.


scott richardson said...

What does the mother country revert towards faith wise? Christian or other?

scott richardson said...

What faith are they?

Incognito said...

Scott, they're predominately Muslim, but secular. They were Communist while part of the Soviet Union.

Islam Karimov is an authoritarian ruler, but has been very active in squelching Islamic radicalism, some say it goes too far.

I think it has more to do with his authoritarian rule.