Saturday, June 08, 2013

Belgian Jihadists Behead Shiite Man In Syria And Film It

Those lovely Wahhabis, Salafis, Islamists (or whatever you choose to call the barbaric Muslim extremists waging jihad around the world) doing what they do best in a video that has surfaced from Syria- beheading a man.  What's more, some are foreigners- allegedly from Belgium- according to the Belgian news report below.

Speaking in Arabic and then Flemish and French, the jihadists targeted a man because he was Shiite, and probably pro-Assad.

The rebels, chanting "Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater)" first try to slice the man's head off, but then begin hacking at his throat after failing to make a clean cut.
The Flemish- and French-speaking Belgians, who may be among the hundred or so Belgians believed to have joined the fight against Syria's government, are heard complaining that the knife is dull, according to a translation of the video.

Note: The news report chose not to show the beheading, but it is still disgusting.

It's because of horrific incidents like this that "Allahu Akbar" has become such a loathesome and hated phrase.

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