Sunday, June 16, 2013

Muslim Girl: You Owe Your Husband Sex Since He Cooks, Cleans and Provides For You

Here's a good laugh.  A breathtakingly stupid American hijabi, who claims she's a feminist, talks about gender equality in Islam, and extols the virtues of being a Muslim female.

According to Miss Thang, Islam has given the most rights to women. Women in the West have had to fight for their rights, but Muslim women already had it. They have always had the right to vote, so she claims. Per Islam, they have been given the right to be spoiled by their husbands. They don't have to work, although they can if they want to, and the husband has to provide everything: food, clothing, a house. Hubby also has to cook, clean and work for his wife, because Prophet Mohammad did that for all his wives and she provides some passages to back that up.

In return, the woman has to do one thing: sleep with her man. Whenever he wants. After all, she says, a man is doing everything for his wife, cleaning, cooking, providing for her, giving her "whatever the hell she wants", the least she can do is give him that. Give him what he wants, even if you have to literally be "laying down like a dead star fish."

One interesting tidbit of knowledge she shares.  A father goes straight to heaven if he has two or more daughters who are very good Muslimahs. I wonder if that's part of the rationale for honor killing daughters who stray from the path.

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