Tuesday, June 04, 2013

5 Foreigners To Hang For Smuggling Drugs In Egypt

You might want to think twice if you're a drug dealer traveling anywhere in or near a Muslim country.

Five foreigners, including 74-year-old Brit Charles Raymond will be hanged for transporting three tons of hashish on a ship that was sailing on the coast of Egypt in 2011 when they were captured and arrested. Actually only four of them will hang since a Pakistani cohort managed to escape. The three others are from the Seychelles. Aside from the death sentence they were also fined 94 million Egyptian pounds.

The Brits are not happy about the death sentence.

“We are opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances. Our consular team in Cairo is in contact with the British prisoner and we will do our utmost to prevent this execution."

People should know better.

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