Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fadel Shaker- Singer Turned Islamist Boasts About Killing Two Lebanese Soldiers

44-year-old Fadel Shaker used to be a famous Lebanese singer until the Syrian war turned him into a Salafist militant who believes music is haram (forbidden). Joining radical Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir's terrorist ranks, he is now a fugitive, along with Assir (or Ahmed al-Asir, as he is sometimes called), after they killed 17 Lebanese army soldiers in Sidon.

In a video that has recently surfaced, Shaker proudly announces that he was responsible for killing two of those soldiers, and wounding four.

“We killed two of your carcasses [sic], you dogs, you pigs… two carcasses and four injured pigs [sic],” Shaker said.

Oddly enough, Assir opposes both the Bashar al-Assad regime and fellow Lebanese terrorists Hezbollah. I guess it's that whole Shia versus Sunni conflict.

Sources: Naharnet,  Now News

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