Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unsolved Murder of Pakistani Girl Was Honor Killing By Her Dad

Another Pakistani honor killing, although the murder of 16-year-old Musarrat Ahmad wasn't initially designated as that.  Not much information regarding why, other than the fact that the young girl went off somewhere on her own at 10 p.m. without telling anyone. When she finally returned, her dad allegedly beat her to death. Her brother finally confessed that the father was the culprit.

The investigation into the murder of a young girl at the Air Force Complex, E-9, took a stunning turn when the victim’s younger brother alleged that their father was the killer. According to him, his father threw the dead body from the apartment and later lodged an FIR with the Margalla Police Station against the unidentified assailants.
Musarrat Ahmad, 16, was found dead with multiple wounds in different parts of her body and a broken arm near her apartment.
The Air Force official allegedly tortured his teenage daughter to death over the ‘honour issue’, beating her with an iron rod and a cricket bat and kept hitting her head, stomach and back till her death, the investigators, quoting his confessional statement, told ‘The News’.
Pakistan isn't Saudi Arabia, and women have more freedom there, but obviously not this teen.

Details here.

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