Friday, June 28, 2013

We're Coming To Slaughter You- Syrian Art Collective Satire Video To Stop Sectarian Violence

Through music and satire, Bidayyat- a Syrian art collective- is shining light on the horrendous use of children to stir up sectarian violence and slaughter in Syria.

It all started back in February, 2013, when the video of a young boy in Idlib province, northern Syria, showed up on YouTube. Filmed by Syrian rebels, the boy is shown singing al-Qaeda songs glorifying Osama Bin Laden, and calling for the slaughter of Alawites and Shiites. That video was used by both sides of the conflict to incite sectarian violence. Shortly thereafter, a video was posted on YouTube of another little boy, this time from Damascus, glorifying the bloody exploits of the Syrian Army's 4th Brigade, and how they were "coming to slaughter you."  This video was also used by both sides to stir things up.

The collective decided to tackle the increasing and troubling trend of using kids to foment violence, by producing the following video.

"We came to the conclusion that irony is one of the few means capable to resist violence, hatred and sectarian killing." "Irony prevails over hate speech, as it uses the more human impulses of laughter, joy, dancing and sarcasm."

Therefore, we produced this sarcastic video in the aim and hope that the two children of opposite will someday live side by side in dignity and freedom in a new Syria, free of tyrants and sectarian hatred.

New Syria, a country characterized by peaceful co-existence, justice and freedom as well as happiness and irony.

Note how the artists mock the sawing arm motion of the kid in the first video.

Source: Bidayyat YouTube Channel
H/T Free Arabs.

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