Friday, June 14, 2013

Tajik Imam's Home Sex Tapes Cause Outrage

I always thought Muslim women were allowed to remove their head scarves in the privacy of their homes, but apparently the wife of a Tajik imam was wearing her green hijab when her hubby took pictures with his cell phone of the two of them having sex.  No-one quite knows how those three videos wound up on YouTube and Facebook, and no, I have not seen them, and no, they are no longer available, not that I have checked. But apparently those videos of a middle-aged, buck-nekkid, stocky man with a dark beard and his green hijab-headed wife (no mention of whether she too was naked) have caused quite a stir in Tajikistan.

An imam in Bolshevik, Tajikistan confessed to filming his sexual activities with his wife on his cell phone, but denies that he was the one who posted them on the YouTube. Supposedly he lost the phone, which is entirely possible, since he would have to be terribly stupid to post them himself, considering it is un-Islamic to take photos of sexual activities, at least in Tajikistan.

No names have been revealed, though the person who posted them on YouTube- Soleh Hotamyon- incorrectly identified the man.

One caption erroneously identified the man in the video as Muhiddin Kabiri, the nonbearded chairman of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT). The captions for the two other clips mention IRPT Deputy Chairman Mahmadali Hait, who has a white beard.
The imam might lose his job, and authorities are trying to find out who posted them on the Internet. Invasion of privacy.

The local population are outraged.

On the website of RFE/RL’s Tajik Service, one visitor wrote:

"Nowadays our blind people believe anyone wearing a beard or a turban and worship him. The guy recorded his intimate scene on his mobile phone. Do you really believe that he thinks about the image of Muslims? I don't believe so!"

Others wrote:

“It's so disgusting. How is it possible to record sex with your wife and publish in on the Internet?? He does not deserve to be a cleric. Don't call him a cleric."

"Mullahs like you are discrediting our dear Islam. Do you know how much you pleased the enemies of Islam? If I were an official, I would give you a life jail sentence."

On June 20th, the powers that be will discuss the situation and what, if anything, should happen to the imam.

Source: RFE/RL

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