Friday, June 07, 2013

CAIR'S Double Standards In MI Public Schools- Muslim Prayers On Campus, No Bible Class Off Campus

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has been sticking its nasty little paws into the Michigan public school system, demonstrating just how unfair they play. Not that they care, as long as it benefits Muslims.

Last October, CAIR took great offense (so what else is new) to a Detroit school handing out permission slips for children to attend an off-campus Bible studies course at a local Baptist church. Off-site, mind you, not on school grounds. So CAIR's Michigan Executive Director Dawud Walid filed a complaint:

“School staff and teachers are not to serve as advocates for one particular religion or congregation within a religion by passing out slips inviting parents to give permission for their children to attend religious instruction. . . According to the United States Supreme Court, the First Amendment clearly requires that public school students and their parents are never given the impression that their school/school district prefers a specific religion over others or sanctions religion in general."
None of their business what schools do to facilitate off-site activities, but CAIR demanded an apology, and  got one.

Fast forward to April of this year, and those promoters of fairness criticized the Dearborn public schools for not accommodating prayer time for Muslim students ON campus. After filing another formal complaint, those kiddies who want to pray at school will now be able to do so.  And since Dearborn caved, CAIR now has its eyes set on other public school systems in Michigan. Watch the same thing eventually happen all over this nation.

If they want student-led Muslim prayer time on school grounds, then other religious faiths should be allowed to do so as well.


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