Friday, June 21, 2013

FSA General Wants Shariah For Syria, Demands West Supply Arms

Interviewed on Al-Jazeera, General Abdel Baset Tawileh, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) Northern Front commander, was asked what "form of state" did he support. His answer:

"I would like to see a civilized state, with Islamic law."
Civilized and Islamic law in the same sentence is a joke, but he goes on to say that he also wants the army to have a "clear Islamic nature."

He also demands that the international community supply the FSA and rebels (the jihadist, Islamist militants who behead and eat people's internal organs) with arms and ammunition. He gives the world 1 month  to supply the weapons or the FSA will "reveal all the evidence we have (about use of chemical weapons)."  Not sure when the interview took place, since the alleged evidence has already been provided.

Of course, no mention of the fact that the rebel opposition have been caught with their own chemical weapons.

His interview here.

However, Bashar al-Assad is totally to blame for what is going on in that country. He's a nasty dictator. Had he made some changes when the people first started protesting, it would never have escalated to a civil war, and opened the door for the Islamists to take over.

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