Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wife-Beating In The Quran Great For Sadists and Masochists, Says Kuwaiti Cleric

Kuwaiti scholar Jassem al-Mutawa discusses the rules and benefits of wife-beating.

Since men are the "guardians" of women (read, "own"), wife-beating is acceptable. After all, it says so in the Quran.

For disobedient wives, the first course of action, per the Quran, is to admonish them. If that doesn't work, then no sex, and as a last resort, they get to beat them. But not on the face (probably because that's the only visible part of their bodies), and no broken bones. I suppose beating them black and blue would be okay.

And, it's "immoral" for the wife to beat her hubby, because "this would be undermining the authority of the husband." If the husband misbehaves, she has to get a court order to have someone else beat him, because women are too weak and fragile.

And, best of all, wife beating is the perfect solution for men who suffer from sadism and women who suffer from masochism, or sadism. He explains why.

Of course, al-Mutawa claims, even though the Quran permits wife-beating, no woman has ever died from wife-beating,  not like in the West where it happens all the time. No, they have no cases of death resulting from it, and if there have been any it is rare. They just pour acid, or cut off noses and ears.

Watch this idiot for yourself.

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