Thursday, July 18, 2013

Al-Qaeda To Establish Islamic State In Syria, Claims FSA

Looks like there will soon be fighting in Syria on 3 fronts- Bashar al-Assad's forces versus the Free Syrian Army (FSA) versus the al-Qaeda linked and influenced Islamists.  The latter two will probably duke it out after al-Qaeda announces an Islamic state in the northern part of Syria where the rebel forces have prevailed. According to an anonymous rep of the FSA this is going to happen once they are done with Ramadan, the first day of Eid.

He said: “The implementation of this plan started last week with the killing of Commander Fadi El-Qash and his brother in Dana village, followed by the killing of senior member of the Supreme Command Council, Kamal Hamami, and will be followed by more assassinations of officers and important figures in the FSA.”

The sources confirmed that “the FSA circulated this information within limited, trusted circles as soon as it became available, and will avoid any confrontation that could weaken the rebels in their fight against the government forces.”

He claimed that the FSA was currently “deploying units and erecting checkpoints in towns that will be targeted according to the plan, and strengthen our presence in these towns to stop them becoming prey to the Islamic state.”

Meanwhile, the FSA source said “we will try to sit down and talk to the Islamic state if we find someone who listens, in order to avoid bloodbaths and clashes which would reflect negatively on the fight against the government forces.”

He added, however, that “whatever we do, there will definitely be war between us.”
The BBC reported on Tuesday that the FSA, following the killing of Hamami, said: “The Islamic state had threatened to kill all of the other members of the Supreme Military Council, another sign of the escalating struggle within the armed uprising.”

 And weapons are headed for the rebel opposition forces from the EU and the US.

It's going to get even uglier and bloodier in Syria, before the dust finally settles, whenever that happens.

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