Thursday, July 11, 2013

Civil States Are A Cancer- An Islamist's POV

Insight into why Islamists hate freedom, equality and liberty.

Freedom. Equality. Liberty. These emotive catchwords and slogans shouted from the lips of the infidels have ushered in the greatest attempt of disbelieving man to install himself in the place of the Allah Ta'ala - crowning himself lord, king, judge, legislator, president - a 'god' in his own deformed image. The modern vehicle for this self-destructive endeavour is the civil state.

Predicated upon a rejection of the Source of existence and the Sharia necessary for human sustenance and advancement that is in harmony with the rest of the creation, the civil state has been constructed as a means to try to protect the infidels from having to face their inevitable date with death that all souls will taste. For once Allah Ta'ala, His Message, and His Law are rejected, physical death becomes the greatest fear and the greatest reality to be avoided at all costs. That they have lost all understanding of physical life, death, and the hereafter should be obvious.

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