Sunday, July 07, 2013

Honor Killing? 4th Arrest In U.K. Muslim Mum's Disappearance

When 25-year-old Muslimah Ranya Alayed was first reported as a missing person this past Tuesday in Manchester, England, people thought it might have been a stranger, but it looks like the mother of three kids is probably dead, and rather than a stranger, it's more than likely she knew her assailants. It also turns out she actually went missing in early June. Four people, so far, have been detained for questioning. One who is possibly the murderer, and three others who are being considered  as accomplices.

Though no-one is mentioning anything about an honor killing, or whether the detainees are related to her, I'll bet it was and I bet they are.

1. Ranya has been missing since June, and yet it was only reported a few days ago.
2. It wasn't a stranger but people she knew.
3. The people who were arrested are: a 64-year-old man, 55-year-old woman, a 38-year-old man, and the 33-year-old murder suspect. More than likely her parents or in-laws, her brother or brother-in-law, and her husband (the murderer).

Police are still considering her missing, rather than deceased, but this won't turn out well.

The only other scenario could be a battered wife who escaped abuse, although I can't imagine that  a mum would leave without her children.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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