Friday, July 19, 2013

UPDATE: Norwegian Rape Victim Gets 16 Months Jail Time In Dubai

UPDATE: 7/22/13 Marte, who was working for Janet Jackson's Qatari billionaire husband's company- Al Mana Interiors- was fired from her job. Her co-worker rapist received 3 months less of a jail sentence than she did.

UPDATE:  More info on the Norwegian woman. Marte Deborah Dalelv is an interior designer living in Qatar.

Only in a Muslim country would a woman be victimized twice: raped and then jailed. And tragically it happens all the time.  Although it often happens to Muslim women, this time the victim was a non-Muslim foreigner.

A 25-year-old Norwegian woman on a business trip in Dubai was raped last March. When she went to the police to report the sexual assault, rather than arresting the rapist, they confiscated her passport and dumped her in jail because they did not believe her story.  So she gets to spend 16 months in prison for being raped, although the official sentence was for sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol and perjury.

The United Arab Emirates is probably trying to discourage women from reporting rapes because it would give the nation a bad image.

This is what Sharia law gets you, a free pass for the rapist since he won't be convicted unless he confesses (as if he would), or if four adult Muslim males witness the rape, which means men never get convicted. 

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